Saturday, March 7, 2009

Smogtown ~ Smog On 45... ep

  1. Suicide
  2. Nobody Cares
  3. I'm A Jerk

1997 Hostage Records #006
Either you get it, or you don't. Most Californians do. This is BEACH CORE. Its their debut 7" that led them to 2 full lengths and 4 or so EP's. They also did a 10" on Deadbeat that is their best! I'm all about the "Smogtown New WAve Revolution". Hostage Records and The Stitches are what got me to where my music library is now. I would still be listening to garbage mainstream rock if the so cal scene didn't happen. Smog City Wavers report for duty.

Scum Stats: At least 3 sleeves. Orange,White and Black Wax. 800 pressed


LeakyINKpen said...

This band! ive got most things on vinyl and cd. never had this, only heard imma jerk live.i always get drunk and harass Chavez. Thanks for this one too! my new favorite blog!

Anonymous said...

kings of the beach!


Horrible blog. Just a shallow consumerist thing without the slightest bit of interest for the music, the bands, the times. You really shouldn't do that. It's a waste of others people's talent.

Anonymous said...

eat shit pankerijada. love chris from the shifters