Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Randumbs ~ Hell Bent For Rehab e.p.

  1. Drool School
  2. Headless Grunger
  3. Clearcut
  4. Fuck You
  5. Speed Racer
1993 Chapter 11 Records #001
The Randumbs (Sonoma, Ca) solo debut 5 songer. Snotty Angry Samoans influenced punk rock. They were very helpful in getting One Man Army, Dropkick Murphy's, The Bodies, and Working Stiffs attention in the Bay Area. Ian the bass player started the label that had the debut's of One Man Army and Tiger Army. He then started Bro Prints, a rock n roll merchandise company.

Scum stats. 500-600 black vinyl

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Bodies ~ Suicide e.p.

  1. Suicide
  2. Left, Right
  3. West End Kids
  4. Baby That's Alright
1997 TKO Records #006
Another debut 7" here...... The Bodies (Sonoma,Ca) Suicide ep got the hype machine rolling for the band and TKO. Solid punk anthems in the vein of the Saints and Misfits.

Scum stats: 1st 100 on Green. 900? on black. 5 test pressings..(in my collection along with their LP test)

The Disappointments ~ All Cranked Up

  1. Crank Me Up
  2. American Dream
  3. Nothing To Lose
1997 Sell Out Records #001
Debut from The Dissapoinments (Harrisburg PA) deliver attitude, party anthems and fuck yous. They did 2 more 45s on Radio Records and appeared on a Pelado CD only comp. Total essential for snotty punks.

Scum stats: 1st 100 on Blue. 400? on black.

The Cadavers ~ Nevermind The Bodies...

  1. Tell Me A Lie
  2. Population Destroyed
  3. Fire In The Hole
2002 NoMa Beach Records #001
Pre-Bodies punk from Sonoma Ca. Originally debuted as a self released 6 song cassette in 1993. Took my severance pay and started the label with these 3 songs. Sold out very quickly due to the Bodies popularity. Sounds more railer then the polished Bodies sound and has great female back up vox.

Scum stats: 1st 100 with Abe sleeve and toe tag insert. 400 standard sleeve.

Friday, September 19, 2008

The Wongs ~ Get Away e.p.

  1. Get Away!
  2. Let's Go To Outerspace (Baby)
  3. Jerkin' It To The Trashwomen
  4. Quite Drunk
1996 Rerun Records #002
Ahh The Wongs(Yuma, AZ)!!!! This band was one of my first favorites when I started listening to the underground garage punk stuff. I tracked this down on ebay after getting their LP on Rip Off. This one sounds different then the full length. Its earlier in their existance and less polished. Sounds like it was a live in the studio recording. I LOVE IT. Enjoy.

Scum stats: 1st 500 on Root Beer and #'d. 2nd pressing 300 copies.

The Starvations ~ Shut Up Sirens b/w Breakin My Black Heart

  1. Shut Up Sirens
  2. Breakin My Black Heart
1996 Vinyl Dog Records #010
Looks like Vinyl Dog Records is getting my full attention. I am not a Starvations (Socal) fan, but this record has so much energy and sincerity.500 pressed. Produced by Mike Lohrman of the Stitches and recorded at legendary Adamos Studios. This is the only VD release that does not have a limited collectors color edition.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Naughty Monkey ~ Pill Mama b/w Dad Song

  1. Pill Mama
  2. Dad Song
1994 Vinyl Dog Records #006
My first post of many Golden Shits!!! This is one of Ricky Barnes(pro skater) first OC bands. He went on to The Pushers, Dodge Dart and many more. Smut Peddlers guitarist Sean got his start here. 500 pressed. 1st 100 are #'d on Root Beer wax and came with a 1" button. Mine is #13 and I need that button.