Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Shifters ~ Mix It Up Ep

  1. Mix It Up
  2. Baby If You Turn Me On
  3. Don't Love Anyone
  4. Razor Tongue

1998 Radio Records #004
Melodic San Francisco punk rock with Chris from Modern Action on Vocals and Guitar. Karen and CT from the Funhouse Strippers and Trust Fund Babies. You might have seen their 2nd 45(I have the test press!) on the Rip Off roster. Radio Records also put out their full length "Shattered". This is one of the first 45's I bought 1998 when I got into this underground thing we call rock n roll. You could find all latest and greatest at Red Devil Records and plenty of in store shows. Anyways.. enjoy this and Im sure this will be stuck in your head all day long.

Scum Stats: 1st 100 on blue / 500-750 on black


Leakyinkpen said...

Good Stuff! and CT was in Shrinks, and Trust fun babies? got to play with Funhouse strippers and Anxieties in portland, great bands. I got a few records from CT in the mail after wards, Still owe him!!

Leakyinkpen said...

ok, not in trust fund babies. thats why i dont like to comment, im always wrong.


Horrible blog. Just a shallow consumerist thing without the slightest bit of interest for the music, the bands, the times. You really shouldn't do that. It's a waste of others people's talent.