Friday, October 24, 2008

The Zips ~ Take Me Down e.p.

UPDATE! 2/19/2009 The Zips is officially re-released on Sing Sing Records.
  1. Take Me Down
  2. Don't Be Pushed Around
  3. I'm In Love
  4. Over & Over
Glasgow, Scotland 1979 Black Gold Music. I love this 45 so much and would love to own it!. Recorded this from Brady's amazing collection. I remember the insert being a fold out poster type and stickers included too. Looks like only 500 were pressed. I don't know much more....Visit their myspace.

Red Cross ~ 6 Teen Punk Anthems

  1. Cover Band
  2. Annette's Got The Hits
  3. I Hate My School
  4. Clorox Girls
  5. S&M Party
  6. Standing In Front Of Poseur

  1. Puss N Boots ( From "Hell Comes To Your House")

Red Cross before Red Kross. So-cal teens delivering infectious punk rock on this mini Lp by Posh
Boy. My copy is the first press with goofy pink DJ sleeve. 3rd press pictured above with the more desirable red sleeve and silver labels.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Cheap Time ~ Tour Tape

  1. Quit School
  2. Permanent Damage
  3. Tight Fit
  4. Kill Everyone Now
  5. Count Me Out
  6. Born To Be Cheap
Got this in SF the first time I saw Cheap Time. Unfortunately the hot girl was no longer in the band. These tapes were home made and recorded over the original sound. Mine seems to be some kind of book on tape with sailor music. You can hear it on the intro to the first track.

The Nix ~ Down The Tubes e.p.

  1. Down The Tubes
  2. Yesterdays New's
  3. Steal You Beer
  4. Quit Playin'
  1. Rag Doll (from "Choke on It" comp)
self released 7" from 2005?
The Nix first seven of two. Don't know much about them. I think they are from Portland? Mitch added them to his top ten of 05.

Scum Stats: 400 black wax.... I think 200 of both sleeves.