Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Liquid Stone ~ Here Comes The Weekend b/w Because of You

  1. Here Comes The Weekend
  2. Because Of You
1981 Liquid Stone Music, Aylesbury, UK
Direct from the Brady collection comes Liquid Stone. Many rumors that there are only 10 known sleeveless copies of this UK rarity. Thats pretty damn rare. Labels seem to be hand glued. "Here Comes The Weekend" was featured on Powerpearls Vol. 10 and the B-Side has never been comp'd. Enjoy.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

The TKO's ~ Don't Pull The Plug b/w Young Girls

  1. Don't Pull The Plug
  2. Young Girls

1996 Public Square Records #???
Ohio knows how to rock! Right? Yes, sir.... I have two TKO's 7" in my stack and they both are superb catchy punk rock. They also have 10" on Deadbeat that might have thrown you off.. its called the Teenage Knockouts. Get that record if you can.... Maybe Ill post that soon. I've heard that some of these members wen to play in Neon King Kong and other OC bands. Maybe Ill post that soon. Enjoy.

Scum stats: ? All copies I've seen are on RED.

Smogtown ~ Smog On 45... ep

  1. Suicide
  2. Nobody Cares
  3. I'm A Jerk

1997 Hostage Records #006
Either you get it, or you don't. Most Californians do. This is BEACH CORE. Its their debut 7" that led them to 2 full lengths and 4 or so EP's. They also did a 10" on Deadbeat that is their best! I'm all about the "Smogtown New WAve Revolution". Hostage Records and The Stitches are what got me to where my music library is now. I would still be listening to garbage mainstream rock if the so cal scene didn't happen. Smog City Wavers report for duty.

Scum Stats: At least 3 sleeves. Orange,White and Black Wax. 800 pressed

The Prostitutes ~ Get Me Sick Ep

  1. Get Me Sick
  2. Hangover
  3. Modern White Trash

1996 Pelado Records #??
Prostitutes debut 45 was recorded 4-20-96 in the good ole' Mechanicsburg, PA. Snotty 77 angry teenage punk rock. This is the dynamite recipe! If I could travel back in time.. I would go to Harrisburg so I could see the Prostitutes vs the Disappointments rock it out. Prostitutes did a full length on Pelado and then two more 3 songers on American Punk Records and Black Hole Records. The band was idle for some years and became the Inversions. Recently the Prostitutes have reformed and just released a new CD on May Cause Dizzness.

Scum Stats: ??? I have black wax.

The Shifters ~ Mix It Up Ep

  1. Mix It Up
  2. Baby If You Turn Me On
  3. Don't Love Anyone
  4. Razor Tongue

1998 Radio Records #004
Melodic San Francisco punk rock with Chris from Modern Action on Vocals and Guitar. Karen and CT from the Funhouse Strippers and Trust Fund Babies. You might have seen their 2nd 45(I have the test press!) on the Rip Off roster. Radio Records also put out their full length "Shattered". This is one of the first 45's I bought 1998 when I got into this underground thing we call rock n roll. You could find all latest and greatest at Red Devil Records and plenty of in store shows. Anyways.. enjoy this and Im sure this will be stuck in your head all day long.

Scum Stats: 1st 100 on blue / 500-750 on black

The Pain ~ Next Time Ego b/w Why Complain?

  1. Next Time Ego
  2. Why Complain?
1979 Dark Records #003
"Swedens first prime punk group,first named Pain in my ass, started 1976 in Stockholm, Sweden. " This seems to be The Pain's second release. I don't know much about them. I read that this is on Bloodstains Across Sweden #3. This 45 is classic along with the wimpy intro to the A side.. The B side is a STOMPER! They have a myspace page with no music.

Scum stats?!?!? Mine is on BLACK
For Sale$$$$$
mail is the short version of "n o m a b e a c h at yahoo dot com"

Friday, March 6, 2009

The Drunken Cholos ~ Livin La Vida Loco ep

  1. Caught Smokin' Pot
  2. I Didn't Jerk
  3. Wimpy Goes To College
  4. Bone Dry Bone Head
  5. I Want Chinese Food
  6. I Spear The Rear
  7. Bonus Track (Faggot In The Family)

2001 Hopeless Records

YES! The Queers are back together for this short CD. Joe Queer, Wimpy and Tulu along with Geoff Useless deliver 7 tracks in just over 9 minutes. I know it says 2001, but this is new to me. I would have overlooked this disc for life. Johnny Bodies blasted this for me on the way to bowling league one monday night. I was hooked. Now it's your turn. Tell all your friends about the Cholos. Also, why doesn't the latest Jabbers sounded like this? The Drunken Cholos myspace claims that Tulu is moving back to NH and they will be moving forward on another album!!! Fuck YES!