Friday, March 6, 2009

The Drunken Cholos ~ Livin La Vida Loco ep

  1. Caught Smokin' Pot
  2. I Didn't Jerk
  3. Wimpy Goes To College
  4. Bone Dry Bone Head
  5. I Want Chinese Food
  6. I Spear The Rear
  7. Bonus Track (Faggot In The Family)

2001 Hopeless Records

YES! The Queers are back together for this short CD. Joe Queer, Wimpy and Tulu along with Geoff Useless deliver 7 tracks in just over 9 minutes. I know it says 2001, but this is new to me. I would have overlooked this disc for life. Johnny Bodies blasted this for me on the way to bowling league one monday night. I was hooked. Now it's your turn. Tell all your friends about the Cholos. Also, why doesn't the latest Jabbers sounded like this? The Drunken Cholos myspace claims that Tulu is moving back to NH and they will be moving forward on another album!!! Fuck YES!

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Anonymous said...

hey! just found your blof today!!! please post more of that shit!!! absolutely love it. thought i know much good stuff...

please post more of that and the randumbs