Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Randumbs ~ Hell Bent For Rehab e.p.

  1. Drool School
  2. Headless Grunger
  3. Clearcut
  4. Fuck You
  5. Speed Racer
1993 Chapter 11 Records #001
The Randumbs (Sonoma, Ca) solo debut 5 songer. Snotty Angry Samoans influenced punk rock. They were very helpful in getting One Man Army, Dropkick Murphy's, The Bodies, and Working Stiffs attention in the Bay Area. Ian the bass player started the label that had the debut's of One Man Army and Tiger Army. He then started Bro Prints, a rock n roll merchandise company.

Scum stats. 500-600 black vinyl

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kennyhel77 said...

Nice one! I have been looking for this for a long time!! My band used to play with the Workin Stiffs, Bodies and The Randumbs quite a bit.

If you like you could add my blog to your list. Your blog is great!!