Friday, September 19, 2008

The Wongs ~ Get Away e.p.

  1. Get Away!
  2. Let's Go To Outerspace (Baby)
  3. Jerkin' It To The Trashwomen
  4. Quite Drunk
1996 Rerun Records #002
Ahh The Wongs(Yuma, AZ)!!!! This band was one of my first favorites when I started listening to the underground garage punk stuff. I tracked this down on ebay after getting their LP on Rip Off. This one sounds different then the full length. Its earlier in their existance and less polished. Sounds like it was a live in the studio recording. I LOVE IT. Enjoy.

Scum stats: 1st 500 on Root Beer and #'d. 2nd pressing 300 copies.

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