Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Nix ~ Down The Tubes e.p.

  1. Down The Tubes
  2. Yesterdays New's
  3. Steal You Beer
  4. Quit Playin'
  1. Rag Doll (from "Choke on It" comp)
self released 7" from 2005?
The Nix first seven of two. Don't know much about them. I think they are from Portland? Mitch added them to his top ten of 05.

Scum Stats: 400 black wax.... I think 200 of both sleeves.

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Maggothead said...

Hi, great blog you started! I was looking for thi srelease since I read about it, but I don´t suppose any copies made it over to EUrope - so thanx for this great 7" - I think my favourite track is Yesterdays News - keep on keepin on´