Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Epileptix ~ Self Hate e.p.

  1. Self Hate
  2. Infected Brain
  3. Teenage Apocalypse
  4. Who's Next

1997 Rebel Rumble Fish Records #01
Germs influenced teenage punk rock! 1st 50 clear vinyl with full color sleeve. 2nd 50 clear vinyl with black and white sleeve and hand colored "self hate" in red. Next 300-400 black vinyl in yellow sleeve and hand colored "self hate" in red.


topper said...

germs influenced or not.......i like it

Anonymous said...

That record fucking smokes. Obnoxious as shit.

Matthew D said...

This is Timmy Vulgar's first band, as far as I know. He is also part of some bands that perhaps you've heard of: Clone Defects and Human Eye?

Anonymous said...

three 7"s and a buried LP. Hands down klassic! I remember Timmy knocking the owers wife of a coffee house out. also, klassic.